Success In Challenges currently operates 5 major programs: 

We have our Freedom School program for the youth, Men of the Covenant a men’s empowerment group, Queens Empowering Queens for women, CORE our fitness & wellness program, & our newest addition the Long Beach Street Team, an intergenerational program. 

We provide the local community youth, adults, & seniors with safe, interactive programs that promotes resiliency, good citizenship, character development, creativity and discipline. Our programs are designed to inspire the local community to face life’s challenges with enthusiasm and dignity. 

If you would like to register for our programs, please call us at (800) 791-5952 or send a message to Mello, our Program Manager at . 


A program designed to provide a support system for men of all ages. In this program the men have assisted fathers coming from prison, they provided food and/or resources to food for families, they’ve shared resources to jobs and education. 

 An all-women’s program designed to give women a space to grow through leadership, mentorship, and guidance with a support group. 

 A fitness program designed to help youth and families with a safe space while promoting healthy habits and relationships. 

An intergenerational production program designed to bridge the gap between local seniors and teens through one conversation at a time.